Our goal is for you to maintain your trading characteristics and we would like to restrict you as little as possible. In order to remain our long-term partner as a funded trader, we ask you to observe the following rules!

  • Ensure that all positions are fully closed by 3:15 PM CT. The trading day commences at 5 PM CT and concludes at 3:15 PM CT (excluding holidays and weekends). It is prohibited to open any new positions between 3:15 PM CT and 5 PM CT.
  • The size of your positions is determined by the chosen account size, and it represents the maximum number of open positions allowed across all products at any given time.
  • While it's essential to have the contract signed to process payouts, you can commence trading on the funded account even before signing the contract. However, we highly recommend completing the contract signing process as soon as possible to ensure a smooth payout procedure when you meet the required trading objectives.
  • Please make sure that your Account Balance does not reach or exceed the EOD Drawdown. The Drawdown Loss Limit will increase by a predetermined increment as your account balance grows.
  • To ensure consistent risk management and promote sustainable trading behaviors, traders are subject to a daily loss limit. On any given trading day, a trader is only permitted to incur a loss up to 50% of the End-of-Day (EOD) drawdown limit. Surpassing this daily threshold is considered a rule violation. This measure is in place to help traders maintain their accounts for longer durations and encourage prudent trading habits.
    • Understanding the Daily Loss Limit:

      The Daily Loss Limit for our trading accounts is directly linked to the account's initial Drawdown Limit, not the fluctuating account balance. For instance, if you're using a 50k account with an initial Drawdown Limit of $2,500, your Daily Loss Limit will be set at $1,250. It's essential to remember that even as your account balance changes due to profits or losses, this Daily Loss Limit remains static and is always based on the initial Drawdown Limit. This structure is designed to foster consistent risk management practices among our traders.

  • In funded accounts, it is not desirable to trade multiple accounts simultaneously in different directions with one 4proptrader user, as this falls under hedging to a certain extent. Hedging can be a useful strategy for private traders to protect their capital. This principle becomes problematic, when it is used to leave profits to pure random chance, as this is more akin to gambling. As a responsible provider, we consider it our obligation to prevent such practices.

    If hedging is used in a way that has nothing to do with quality trading and the purpose is merely to make random profits, we will immediately disable such accounts and suspend the profile. We want to make sure that our platform is available for serious traders with real trading strategies and not for activities that distort the very purpose of trading.

  • If you pass your evaluation and get your funded account, there is an annual fee for the funded account. Otherwise, there are no other charges for the account.

  • $10k   Funded Account - 90€
  • $25k   Funded Account - 110€ 
  • $50k   Funded Account - 139€ 
  • $100k Funded Account - 210€ 
  • $150k Funded Account - 270€ 
  • $250k Funded Account - 370€ 

Failure to comply with the above rules puts your account at risk of termination.

Crucial Reminder!! 

If you have selected a subscription during the evaluation, passing the evaluation and opening a funded account will not cancel the evaluation subscription. Please make sure that you cancel all running subscriptions that are no longer necessary. We cannot take into account payments that are subsequently debited. 

Fair Play and Prohibited Trading Practices 

It's worth noting that despite the simulated market having a close approximation to the live market and its trading conditions, it isn’t without disparities. At 4PropTrader, we acknowledge and recognize the challenge this poses to our traders, our platform, and funding partners.  

Above all else, we strive to uphold a transparent, fair, and equitable trading environment, and as such we’ve set forth parameters and policies that will safeguard against misaligned unethical trading that can exploit the weaknesses in a simulated environment.  

Understanding the Challenges that Face the Simulated Market 

Certain trading strategies may exploit a simulated trading environment, yielding exceptional results in the evaluation phase, but eventually leading to losses when implemented in a live trading environment. 

A small percentage of traders, unintentionally or to manipulate the system, participate in these strategies, which are altogether forbidden at 4PropTrader.  

Below are some of the prohibited trading practices in 4PropTrader in the Evaluation Phase and in the Funded Account.  

1.) Achieving the profit target in one trade 

Additionally, traders are barred from taking advantage of our services by executing trades without observing and applying industry standard risk management rules that precede over trading in the financial markets, which includes but aren’t limited to the following practices:  

  • - Opening significantly larger position sizes as opposed to your other trades in your account.
  • - Opening significantly smaller position sizes or relatively larger number of positions similar to your other trades in your account. 

4PropTrader reserves the right in our sole discretion to determine whether certain practices, strategies, trades, or situations, account for prohibited trading practices.  

Do You Have a Gambling Rule 


At 4PropTrader, we are committed to nurturing and promoting responsible and safe trading practices, warranting the drafting of this gambling policy which has been designed and meant to be accessible to all traders, to ensure that everyone is duly guided.  

It's also worth noting that 4PropTrader does not want: Traders who rely on luck, gamblers, windfall traders, erratic traders, and scammers.  

Warning on Quick Profits 

We’d like to inform our traders regarding the risk involved with chasing fast profits. We would like to highlight the importance of gradual and consistent profit-building over time to help maintain the safety of all our traders and the stability of 4PropTrader.  

Defining Gambling Behavior 

We refer to gambling as the actions that contravene this policy. All traders should showcase a well-calculated and disciplined approach staying away from risky trading behaviors.  

Forbidden Gambling Practices in 4PropTrader  


The use of uncurled leverage is restricted. 4PropTrader expects all its traders to correctly manage their position sizes and use stop-loss orders to effectively limit and control potential losses.